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Puppy Testimonials


"We just were blessed to pick up our newest addition to our family - Becker - an adorable Goldendoodle from Miles and Cindy on Sunday, March 8 and bring him to his forever home in Illinois. What a delightful experience we had with them in picking out the right puppy for us. It has been a long journey as we interviewed breeders in several states before making the decision to go with Rafter W Farms and what a correct decision it was. They were amazing to work with, our vet feels that they did everything that he would have wanted a breeder to do, and did it well and we have a very healthy Becker These are very caring people and in our opinion, you could not ask for a better place to obtain a new puppy."

- Ed Saari


"By far the dream puppy experience!! Miles was amazing from minute 1 when we reached out. Face time and photos with the puppy made the wait wonderful! Rafter farms is very personable and even agreed to a surprise bday FaceTime with our 13 year old and his new puppy. Highly recommend and look forward to our new pup Kash. Great people!!"

- Josie Mae


"We got our puppy Mia a little over six months ago and are so in love with her. We couldn’t ask for a better puppy."

- Abbey Johnson


"Our sweet girl Remi has been home less than 12 hours and we love her so much already! Rafter Farms was nothing short of amazing to work with! Miles and Cindy are such nice people and keep you in the loop from start to finish! Highly recommend. Thank you Rafter Farms! ❤️"

- Lauren Rusher 


"I am forever grateful to you guys for giving me Bailey! She has brought us so much joy and we love her so much! Thank you so much for taking such good care of your puppies- you are the best!!"

- Katie Kurtz


"Cooper made our family complete. He is happy and healthy and we are so thankful to these folks for making it all possible."

- Cassandra Mills Klein


"We got Wrigley from Rafter farms just about 2 and 1/2 weeks ago. He’s been the perfect addition to our home. We love and adore him! Can’t recommend them enough!"

- Alyssa Robbins


"We love our sweet Jackson from Rafter W Farms! We drove to Iowa from Milwaukee and would do it 100x over for the experience we had. They were so easy to work with and we have the best little guy 🐾💙 While we waited for him to turn 8 weeks, Miles and Cindy were sending us pictures and videos which we loved! They truly are a family breeder and we are so happy we chose them! Follow Jack on Instagram @ThatDoodleJack if you want to see more cuteness"

- Nicole Picchietti


"As a first time puppy owner and knowing I wanted a mini golden doodle I looked locally and up to 6 hours away but couldn’t find someone who had them or I trusted. I found the Wellman family and after my first conversation with Tyler almost all my concerns were gone. I received my new addition and could not be any happier with my experience with Rafter W Farms. Luke is such a caring smart boy and you can definitely tell he was taken care of at the farm. Miles and Tyler kept me up to date especially on the big day of him coming from Iowa to Boston. If you’re thinking about adding a mini golden doodle to your family look no further!"

- Collin James


"Miles and Tyler were awesome to work with! We visited the farm in Iowa and picked our Teddy up a week and a half ago. Teddy has adapted well to the change and is responding to commands, has learned to use the doggie door and is sleeping through the night. We could not be happier with our new addition to the family. We highly recommend Rafter W Farms as our veterinarian told us he was the healthiest puppy he had examined in a long time. Great job Miles and Tyler."

- Holly Pursell

Oakley & Stella

"Oakley and Stella are both from Rafter farms and we could not recommend them enough. They are both sweethearts and the smartest little things!!"

- Nicole Ashley Bechthold


"We love our little Cubby! He’s 8 weeks old and came home with us on Friday. He has been such a great pup already and is so loving! Miles answered all of our questions and there is no doubt Cubby was so well taken care of before we got him picked up. Has slept in his kennel the past two nights with minimal whining, few accidents while in the house, and can go for about 3 hours before potty break at night. Thank you for raising such a good pup and for making our kids so happy."

- Jenna Staebell Brown 


"Miles was very easy to talk to and very helpful. He kept in touch with me through out the processes of purchase, shipping arrangements, and afterwards with vet visits. I can tell that they are good breeders by the way my pup Tucker acts! He is so sweet and loves to play outside!"

- Emily Veron


Rafter W Farms is a wonderful family with great pups. This is Remy, who is the cutest and sweetest little puppy. This farm gives wonderful tips on types of dogs and how to help training them. Highly recommend!!

- Sydney Rhea

Callie Jo

We are so happy with our puppy from rafter w farms!! We are loving Callie Jo this holiday season. 


- Natalie Behnke

Callie Jo.jpg

We wanted to update Tyler and his mom (who we met while picking up our pup) about our sweet addition. We picked up Teddy in the middle of May when he was 8 weeks old. Since then he’s been a great addition to the family. He has picked up on potty training, he’s learning his commands (he’s great at sit) and he is fantastic with our 7-year old and 5-year old. We’re so happy with our sweet Teddy Bear!


- Ashley White


"Mac is THE best dog. We have been so happy since getting him. He fits in well with our family and we love him so much! Thank you, Tyler, for such a wonderful pup."


- Kortney Burling


"Thank you so much Rafter W. Farms!! I did a lot of research on Goldendoodle breeders and was thrilled when I found Tyler. Tyler is an incredible breeder who provided us with a healthy and loving puppy. Lucy is SO smart we can’t even believe it. At just 9 weeks old she knows all the basic commands. She has a sweet temperament, but she is also independent. It is easy to see how much effort and love Tyler puts into all of his puppies. They are so well cared for. I would recommend Rafter W. Farms to anyone looking for a Goldendoodle. We are very fortunate and blessed to have Lucy as part of our family."


- Carrie-Beth Summers


"When we decided to get a Mini Goldendoodle in April 2017, we did a lot of research first trying to make the best choice for our family. Once we found Rafter W. Farms, we knew they were the breeder for us. Tyler was so easy to work with and has done a great job raising the puppies in a safe and healthy environment. His experience with animals through 4-H is a definite bonus. We picked out Scout and a week later got to bring her home. She has been our little furball of love ever since. She is so smart (learned to sit the first week we had her home!), so loving, and brings daily joy to our lives. We couldn’t be happier with our puppy and are so glad we went to Rafter W. Farms to get her!"


- Denton and Leah Cahill (and Scout)

Lindsey Prescott Photography

Lindsey Prescott Photography


"Arnie is now full grown and is a very well behaved puppy. We are biased but we think he's the cutest puppy out there. We couldn't be happier with our little guy."


- Andrew and Brianna Reynolds


"We are so happy we chose Rafter W Farms! Sully is a wonderful addition to our family! He’s healthy, smart and has a great personality! Our vet gives him the thumbs up at every visit. He also commended them on feeding Royal Canin. Thanks for keeping in touch with us! Sully says Hi!"

- Val Biancalana


"Tomorrow marks a year since we've had Myla. We couldn't be happier with her! She is just the sweetest, smartest, funnest and such a joy to our life. We will continue to recommend your business. Thanks again!"

Carla Sudbeck-Augustine


"Hi Tyler! Just wanted to let you know that things are going great for Winnie and I. She is such a sweet girl but loves to play too. My vet has nothing but excellent things to say on your puppy care. Winnie is very smart and loves playing with other dogs, especially big ones!! Hope all is well!"


- Courtney


"Hello Rafter W Farms! Gryffin has brought immense happiness to our family. We couldn’t be happier! The first picture on the left was taken in May, then July (after his graduation from puppy obedience class), and the last one was taken October — all in 2018. We love our intelligent and sweet Gryffin so very much."


- Mariana Vega‎


"The Wellman family was great to work with!! I am lucky to have found them as I have a beautiful puppy who has been a great addition to our family! Thank you! Ollie has adjusted well and is loving his new home. We have found that he is not a fan of getting is hair brushed and he loves to help mom when she is working from home! Ollie is almost completely bell trained! He goes in his kennel on his own at night! He is such a smart boy!"

- Amanda Norton

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